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Welcome to Allied Glass Industries' web site. It is hard to believe that May 1st marked the start of our 40th year in business. Having been with the business since day one, I can’t help but think of how far we have come over the years. Allied Glass Industries was started by my father Robert Van Horn, a man that worked in the glass industry since 1949. It was his belief that there was a need for a quality glass fabricator to service the store fixture industry. With just two edging machines and a glass washer (the last of which was just taken out of service in 2010) we started producing glass shelving and "cube" displays that were distributed to all the major department stores throughout the United States. With the addition of some new equipment and a larger building, the business diversified by fabricating glass for the furniture industry. In 1988 it was finally decided that we should purchase a tract of land in an industrial park and put up a building that could be added to if and when it was needed.

Today Allied Glass Industries is still fabricating glass for the store fixture and furniture related industries, but have also expanded into commercial constructing, glass railing systems, redemption games and museum displays just to name a few. We have added several more pieces of equipment including in house tempering and expanded the building on two separate occasions. The ideals set forth in the very beginning have been adhered to throughout our growth and are relied on with every forward step we take. We want to produce a very high quality product that is competitively priced and delivered on time. We know it is our customer that has allowed us to remain a viable company over the years.

It would be my personal pleasure to add you as one of our valued customers. I may be reached personally at any time.


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