Tempered Glass

  • We offer the most up-to-date tempering/heat-strengthening process available. Tempered glass is great in homes, businesses, boats and automobiles.
  • We can either temper or heat-strengthen your glass from 3/16” – 3/4″
  • We can temper as big as 60” x 120” or as small as 4” x 8”
  • When tempering, we create an initial condition of surface and edge compression. This is achieved by heating the glass and then rapidly cooling the surfaces. This leaves the center hot and as it cools it forces the surfaces and edges into compression.
  • This glass will be four times stronger than annealed glass and will be able to withstand a wide range of temperature changes. When tempered glass breaks, it fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. This is called “dicing” which reduces the dangers of injury.
  • Heat-strengthened glass has a surface compression between 3,500–10,000 psi or an edge compression between 5,500–9,700 psi. The fracture characteristics vary according to the psi surface and edge compression. The lower the psi, the more like annealed glass; the higher the psi, the more like tempered glass.

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